Hospice Volunteers

Volunteer Programs & Opportunities

Volunteers play an integral role in the hospice program at All County Home Care and Hospice. They are the “friends” of the hospice team, the listening ears, the helping hands, the caring community members who really do make a difference in the lives of hospice patients and their families.

Hospice volunteers are available to lend a helping hand to families in need. Each individual brings his/her own unique talents and abilities to the assignment and is able to provide a special kind of caring to patients and families. Like other members of our hospice team, our volunteers are available to make home visits and talk with patients, family and friends.

Some of the services our volunteers provide include:


  • Listen to concerns
  • Provide respite (short break for caregivers & families) so family can attend other activities
  • Sit with patients/family members in times of need
  • Read to the patient
  • Help write letters, cards, life memories
  • Reminisce about photographs
  • Provide music, sing, play an instrument
  • Provide homemade treats to bake with the patient’s help

Errands and Chores

  • Help with yard work
  • Provide transportation
  • Organize mail, help pay bills
  • Make phone calls
  • Do grocery shopping
  • Help with light housework

Bereavement Support

  • Grieve with the family
  • Attend funeral or memorial services
  • Maintain telephone contact during the bereavement period
  • Provide emotional support and companionship

There are a few limitations on the services our volunteers can provide. They cannot provide physical care such as lifting or bathing a patient, and they are not allowed to dispense medication. However, they can remind patients to take their medications.

Volunteer Training Program

All hospice volunteers must complete a thorough training course that prepares them for hospice work. They are trained in the goals and philosophy of hospice care, psychological and spiritual issues related to dying, communication and listening skills, physical aspects of terminal illness, and patient and family rights. Volunteers are also educated in bereavement care.

Requesting a Volunteer

Volunteer services are optional for hospice families; however, we highly recommend that families take advantage of this service. If you are interested in having a volunteer visit, please contact the hospice office at 830-331-1291 or 888-211-3445. A volunteer will be assigned based on your needs and schedule.

Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

We are always looking for caring volunteers to join our team at All County Home Care and Hospice. If you have questions about our volunteer program or are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call (830)331-1291 or (888) 211-3445.